Nicholas Dungan

CEO and Founder of CogitoPraxis, adjunct professor at SciencesPo, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council. Previously, CEO of the French-American Foundation, Associate Fellow at the Royal Insitute of International Affairs (Chatham House), board director of the Chatham House Foundation. Earlier, senior banker at Société Générale and Merrill Lynch focused on client relationship management, mergers and acquisitions, bespoke structured finance and strategic advice. Graduate of SciencesPo and Stanford University.

Le Fil de l’épée

Le Fil de l’épée Charles de Gaulle’s masterpiece on leadership — and himself   by Nicholas Dungan   In the concise canon of genuinely ingenious books on leadership — of which Machiavelli’s The Prince is perhaps the most celebrated and the most cited — Charles de Gaulle’s Le Fil de l’épée [The Edge of the Sword[1]] can rightly claim pride of place.… Read the rest

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The Sense of Reality

The Sense of Reality Isaiah Berlin brings a philosophical perspective to practical leadership by Nicholas Dungan The intellectual production of Sir Isaiah Berlin constitutes so vast and so varied an œuvre that it is not surprising to find, in the compilation of discrete writings gathered together in the book entitled The Sense of Reality, a wide diversity of subjects and ideas.… Read the rest

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