Nicholas Dungan

CEO and Founder of CogitoPraxis, adjunct professor at SciencesPo, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council. Previously, CEO of the French-American Foundation, Associate Fellow at the Royal Insitute of International Affairs (Chatham House), board director of the Chatham House Foundation. Earlier, senior banker at Société Générale and Merrill Lynch focused on client relationship management, mergers and acquisitions, bespoke structured finance and strategic advice. Graduate of SciencesPo and Stanford University.

Poised on the Perilous Point

Poised on the Perilous Point The strategic is more urgent than the urgent by Nicholas Dungan Here, then, at home, by no more storms distrest, Folding laborious hands we sit, wings furled; Here in close perfume lies the rose-leaf curled, Here the sun stands and knows not east nor west, Here no tide runs; we have come, last and best, From the wide zone through dizzying circles hurled, To that still centre where the spinning world Sleeps on its axis, to the heart of rest.   Lay on thy whips, O Love, that we upright, Poised on the perilous point, in no lax bed May sleep, as tension at the verberant core Of music sleeps; for, if thou spare to smite, Staggering, we stoop, stooping, fall dumb and dead, And, dying so, sleep our sweet sleep no more.   In Gaudy Night, the exquisite novel by Dorothy L.… Read the rest

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A New French Paradox?

A New French Paradox? French large caps outrank competitors in corporate citizenship by Nicholas Dungan and Aurore Pasquet Leading French companies are embracing a more complete vision of corporate citizenship than many of their Anglo-American counterparts, yet this remains underappreciated outside France.… Read the rest

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El Político

El Político Azorín explains the nature of classical statesmanship  by Loane Le Clouërec José Martínez Ruiz was born in 1873 into a middle-class family of nine children in the small town of Monóvar in the Alicante province of Spain. During his university years in Valencia, where he studied law but did not complete his degree, he began to write for local newspapers and published literary criticism in 1893 before turning to radical journals.   José Martínez Ruiz, forefather of the Generación del 98 and Spain’s Azorín After moving to Madrid to become a journalist, José Martínez Ruiz was often dismissed for his political radicalism and presentations of anarchist theories of that time.… Read the rest

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Global Corporations are Global Citizens

Global Corporations are Global Citizens They stand alongside states in an ever more interconnected world by Barbara Matta Multinational corporations (MNCs) are citizens of the world and ‘the most public face of globalisation’[1]. MNCs stand alongside states in the international arena, and their influence is a clear demonstration of a world that is turning more and more post-Westphalian in nature.… Read the rest

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9 September 2022

Nicholas Dungan, an adjunct professor at Sciences Po in Paris and CEO of CogitoPraxis, a business and leadership consultancy, said that Elizabeth exemplified the highest elements of disciplined, professional leadership. "You don't need political power to be a leader. You don't need hard power to be a leader.… Read the rest

9 September 2022
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Effective Strategy

Effective Strategy Precision, then process   by Nicholas Dungan Strategy consists of a clear, realistic goal and a clear, realistic path to that goal. That is all. Anything else is not strategy. Dreams or vague objectives do not constitute strategy: ‘increase market share’, ‘make the world better’, ‘be the best’ may be inspirational or aspirational mottos, but they are not strategy.… Read the rest

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Disciplined Leadership

Disciplined Leadership True leaders are made, not just born by Nicholas Dungan Leadership takes work. To be sure, some individuals come into this world with qualities and talents that suit them well for future leadership: charisma, articulateness, penetrating insight, an impressive presence.… Read the rest

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Authentic Influence

Authentic Infuence Thinking it through before acting upon it  by Nicholas Dungan Before we attempt to exercise influence, we ought to analyse what we mean by influence and what the meaning of that influence implies. First and foremost, if we are decent people seeking to use our influence towards benificent ends, the influence we wish to exercise must be authentic: genuine, heartfelt, inspired by good will and intended to create good will.… Read the rest

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Diplomacy Harold Nicolson reveals the principles of professionalism   by Nicholas Dungan   Sir Harold George Nicolson KCVO CMG was the product of a patrician Victorian and Edwardian background and upbringing. The son of a future ambassador and the grandson of an admiral, he was born in Persia, where his father, later The Lord Carnock, was chargé d’affaires at the British Embassy.   Nicolson spent his childhood, inter alia, in Tehran, Budapest, Constantinople and Tangiers.… Read the rest

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