What We Do

CogitoPraxis is an advisory group founded by Nicholas Dungan

Mission Statement

CogitoPraxis is an advisory group founded by Nicholas Dungan.
The mission of CogitoPraxis is to assist clients in optimising their strategic leadership as organisations and as individual professionals.
We help client organisations convey their insitutional intelligence to a multi-stakeholder audience across all their ecosystems.
We empower individuals within client organisations to understand and exercise authentic influence and leadership.
We give equal weight to high-quality strategic thinking and effective practical action: both cogito and πρᾶξις.

For Individuals

ILE™ — Influence – Leadership – Empowerment
How to influence and lead through empowerment

Professionals do not succeed just by doing their jobs. They succeed by how they do their jobs. ILE™ is designed to empower professionals and executives, from mid-career to CEO and board level, to enhance their leadership and influence skills, for their own benefit in managing their work and their careers, and for the benefit of the organisations they serve. Every ILE™ assignment is structured to suit each client, whether in four, six or eight sessions or as an ongoing advisory relationship.

 3Rs™ — Robustness – Resilience – Response
How to anticipate and manage the unexpected.

We cannot forecast events but we can foresee them. Our capacity to peer into the future determines our robustness, resilience and response. The 3Rs™ offers leaders and future leaders the opportunity to enhance their strategic foresight skills, for their own benefit in managing their work and their careers, and for the benefit of the organisations they serve. Every 3Rs™ assignment is structured to suit each client, whether in three, six, or nine sessions or as an ongoing advisory relationship.

For Organisations

 Multi-stakeholder corporate citizenship requires new thought leadership

Major business firms need to prepare now for a sea-change in the way they fit in global society. Global firms must exercise a new form of thought leadership: Global Strategic Leadership (GSL™). GSL™ requires a firm to build its brand equity as a top-tier global standard-setter and produce consistent content as reliable and authoritative as any think-tank, consultancy or university. A GSL™ assignment involves five stages: assessment, objectives, strategy, implementation, impact.

Auditing a firm’s thought leadership leads to better strategic goals

GSL™Lite constitutes an introductory, entry-level approach to the exercise of GSL™. The assignment consists of one organisational meeting, three workshops focused on the client firm’s thought leadership today benchmarked against its competitors and global best practice, followed by a narrative and numerical analytical assessment report from CogitoPraxis and, in conclusion, a strategy presentation building upon the assessment and incorporating recommendations for the client firm’s future GSL™.

The CogitoPraxis Circle
Participating regularly in thought leadership from three distinct experiences

Membership in the CogitoPraxis Circle, by invitation from CogitoPraxis, offers organisations and their representatives:

• access to CogitoPraxis strategic leadership experts in up to eight audio or video conversations per year, pre-planned or last-minute

• receipt of six bulletins per year, each with five in-depth thought leadership readings curated by CogitoPraxis around a common theme

• invitations to four interactive private webinars per year focused on contemporary leadership and management subjects, introduced by top global experts

Case Studies:

We have conducted ILE™ assignments in a series of made-to-mesure sessions for global law firms through individual offices, designed to enhance the professional development of their mid-level talents. ILE™ topics are covered through a Socratic approach: CogitoPraxis poses a scenario, or case study, or problem. Contained within these questions—and therefore within the answers and subsequent discussion—are the topics of influence, leadership and empowerment embedded in that module.

ILE™ for professionals

CogitoPraxis examined, initially in a group session, the audiences and vectors of influence of an international humanitarian organisation. The assignment also contained a tutorial on strategies of influence—understanding influence, exercising influence, what it means to be an influencer—both at the levels of the individual representatives and of the organisation itself. This assignment resulted in an ongoing dialogue focused on harmonising the organisation’s influence and measuring influence impacts.

Strategies of influence for an international organisation

The CogitoPraxis client was founder, owner and CEO of a mid-sized industrial company. CogitoPraxis advised him on building networks of influence, techniques in conferences and presentations, outreach to print and televisual media, and publication of thought pieces in leading journals. CogitoPraxis also advised on corporate strategy and establishment of a strategic advisory committee at holding company level. The entrepreneur later sold his company for a tidy profit to a larger competitor.

GSL™ for a founder-owner CEO

CogitoPraxis is advising the CEO of a geographical subsidiary of a global financial services firm. Services and advice have included introductions to key influencers, both individuals and organisations; proposals for structure and content of webinars and other outreach; research and drafting of thought leadership writings; analysis and recommendations for increased social media impact both at subsidiary and group level; recommended readings on leadership and influence; and related issues.

GSL™ for a country CEO of a multinational group

GSL™ and ILE™


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