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The Washington Post
25 October 2022

At least in some ways, “both of them appear to be practical politicians and less ideological,” said Nicholas Dungan, an analyst of French politics and founder of the CogitoPraxis advisory group.
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Poised on the Perilous Point

The strategic is more urgent than the urgent

by Nicholas Dungan

Here, then, at home, by no more storms distrest, Folding laborious hands we sit, wings furled; Here in close perfume lies the rose-leaf curled, Here the sun stands and knows not east nor west, Here no tide runs; we …
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A New French Paradox?

French large caps outrank competitors in corporate citizenship

by Nicholas Dungan and Aurore Pasquet

Leading French companies are embracing a more complete vision of corporate citizenship than many of their Anglo-American counterparts, yet this remains underappreciated outside France. The CEOs of some of France’s most prominent global firms are championing a form of corporate citizenship …
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El Político

Azorín explains the nature of classical statesmanship by Loane Le Clouërec José Martínez Ruiz was born in 1873 into a middle-class family of nine children in the small town of Monóvar in the Alicante province of Spain. During his university years in Valencia, where he studied law but did not complete his degree, he began …
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Global Corporations are Global Citizens

They stand alongside states in an ever more interconnected world by Barbara Matta Multinational corporations (MNCs) are citizens of the world and ‘the most public face of globalisation’[1]. MNCs stand alongside states in the international arena, and their influence is a clear demonstration of a world that is turning more and more post-Westphalian in nature. …
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9 September 2022

Nicholas Dungan, an adjunct professor at Sciences Po in Paris and CEO of CogitoPraxis, a business and leadership consultancy, said that Elizabeth exemplified the highest elements of disciplined, professional leadership. “You don’t need political power …
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