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CogitoPraxis is an advisory group founded by Nicholas Dungan

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As the trend towards corporate citizenship and stakeholder capitalism accelerates, corporations and other organisations will increasingly be judged not only by their business performance but also by the quality of their strategic thinking and its relevance to all their stakeholders.
CogitoPraxis helps organisations and their leaders define and articulate their best thinking through a sophisticated approach to thought leadership: Global Strategic Leadership (GSL™). A GSL™ assignment involves five stages: assessment, objectives, strategy, implementation, impact.

As career success depends more and more on soft skills, talented professionals must incorporate into their professional behaviours an awareness of how to exercise authentic, positive influence and leadership.
Through a systematic approach to the science of soft skills, Influence-Leadership-Empowerment (ILE™), CogitoPraxis assists professionals in developing their strategies of influence and their leadership abilities, in three stages: understanding influence and leadership, exercising influence and leadership, and their own empowerment as influencers and leaders.

Mission Statement

CogitoPraxis is an advisory group founded by Nicholas Dungan.
The mission of CogitoPraxis is to assist clients in optimising their strategic leadership as organisations and as individual professionals.
We help client organisations convey their insitutional intelligence to a multi-stakeholder audience across all their ecosystems.
We empower individuals within client organisations to understand and exercise authentic influence and leadership.
We give equal weight to high-quality strategic thinking and effective practical action: both cogito and πρᾶξις.

GSL™ and ILE™


Click below to read our Position Paper explaining GSL™,
(Global Strategic Leadership)


Click below to read our Position Paper explaining ILE™, (Influence-Leadership-Empowerment)

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